Forever Becoming: Adventures in a Search for Love

November 9th, 2017 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

Forever Becoming – Proofread

The Greatest Generation, as it has become known, survived the Great Depression and war and emerged to build a dynamic educated middle class in America. This is the personal story of one man born into poverty in the industrial city of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, at the dawn of the twentieth century.

A traumatic and turbulent childhood prompted his youthful wanderings that inevitably lead to prototypic American experiences at a time of great economic and social up heaval. The gritty descriptions of life on the road evoke the human experience of the time.

In spite of the harsh realities, he overcame obstacles to seek his dream to be on the silver screen and a mother’s love and devotion that he had been denied, only to discover that the journey of Forever Becoming is what finally brought him fulfillment and love. His story offers encouragement to those living in times of adversity. With perseverance, love, and attention there is reason for hope.

April Michelle Davis worked directly with the self-publishing company to proofread this manuscript before publication to not only meet but to exceed the author’s expectations for his book.